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As the very first dentist to bring laser whitening to London, Dr. Wyman Chan BDS (Lond.), LDS, RCS (Eng.), IADFE, PhD is regarded as the father of modern British tooth whitening. He lectures internationally and is the Clinical Associate Teacher at Warwick Medical School. Famed for pioneering a pain-free and effective tooth whitening technique, Dr. Wyman Chan has trained thousands of dentists around the world. He regularly publishes his work in eminent dental journals and lectures internationally.

From Sky Living, ITN and BBC Radio 5 Live to Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle and Sunday Times Style, Dr. Wyman Chan is a highly sought after media pundit who is behind some of the UK’s best-known smiles.

Dr. Wyman Chan is a member of the British Dental Association and the General Dental Council. Registration number: 55134.

Teeth Whitening in London Treatments

The Dr. Wyman Chan Teeth Whitening Technique (reduced from £595 to £295)

Dr. Wyman Chan will check your teeth and gums are healthy before performing the tooth whitening treatment while you watch your favourite film through a pair of personal DVD goggles. He protects the sensitive part of your teeth and gums before painting on the gel and turning on the iPower Bristol escorts, which uses heat to push the gel inside the enamel, wiping out stains along the way. Try using Grantham station taxis to get straight to our business for your job. This harmless and painless teeth whitening treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with the gel and trays. You will be shown how to \use them for 1-2 hours per day for 14 days.

Get2Smile Teeth Whitening (reduced from £350 to £235)

Following a full dental examination to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, you will be shown how to use the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile home whitening kit – which comes with a low grade heat device and gel Cambridge escort agency – to use for 40 minutes once daily for 14 days.

Perfect Trays Home Whitening (reduced from £295 to £195)

Following a check up by a dentist, impressions are taken. Your patented home tooth whitening trays will be ready in 3 working days and you will be shown how to use them two hours a day for 14 days.

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London smilestudio is the first dedicated teeth whitening specialist centre in the UK. It is set in a relaxing environment and staffed by experienced teeth whitening dentists. We provide teeth whitening services in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Since its conception in March 2002, the network of smilestudio outlets has broadened to include major cities – Glasgow, Nottingham, Norwich, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Bath and Hove. Apart from our founder site in London, the service can be found in Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Wiltshire, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, Avon and Devon. smilestudio teethwhitening can also to be found in Jersey and the Isle of Man, along with our international outlets – in the USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Gilbraltar Leicester.

Teeth whitening is growing in popularity. All smilestudio trained dentists offer the best techniques with the best materials to give you a brighter, whiter smile.

Dr Wyman Chan – the founder and CEO of smilestudio Sweet hot escorts, continues to evaluate the latest materials, equipment and techniques to ensure that smilestudio training for dentists consistently delivers the best possible protocols. Our teeth whitening dentists have full clinical support – it helps make us different.

We aim to be the best, and we work hard to maintain that position. Try the smilestudio way – today.

For more information about smilestudio outlets across the UK, see contacts. Prices at different smilestudio may vary.